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All appointments are currently being conducted over the phone or online, they are fee free and completely non obligatory. Please contact us using the form below or call 01794 328365.

First Time Buyer Mortgages

What’s happening right now?

Since the March lockdown, property viewings have become more limited and often restricted to those in a ‘proceedable’ position. We are therefore advising our first time buyers to run through financial checks with us to reassure those estate agents booking viewings that they are serious buyers who has been verified by an FCA registered mortgage adviser and are in a proceedable position.

Get buyer ready – estate agents may want to see AIP’s

During these uncertain times we advise that  you prepare yourself to be ‘buyer ready’. Make yourself as attractive to an estate agent as you can be so that you are in a really good position as we recover. AIP’s or Agreements in Principle may be required by some Estate Agents and at the very least they’ll need anyone wanting to make an offer on a property to have their financial situation verified by an Financial Conduct Authorised mortgage adviser.

Fee Free Financial Verification by an FCA Adviser

Our fee free mortgage advice includes a Financial Verification which won’t affect your credit rating so contact us about how we can help you.

More about our first time buyer service

Buying your first home is exciting but the path to owning your own front door can be paved with disappointment and frustration if you’re not supported by the right professionals. Ask About Mortgages care about first time buyers, we have arranged hundreds of first time buyer mortgages and are genuinely excited about helping you purchase your very first home.

We’ll help ensure your investment is a sound one, that your mortgage repayments are manageable and that you’re left with enough money at the end of the month to have a life and a home.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

How much deposit will I need?

Currently (June 2020) the amount of deposit that you will need is at least 10% but generally the larger your deposit the greater choice of lenders that you will have and lower the interest rate that you can borrow at.  A lower interest rate on the money that you borrow means lower monthly repayments. The amount that you repay every month can vary hugely dependent on what rate you borrow at.

First Time Buyer Mortgages

How much can I borrow?

How much you can borrow is no longer solely dependent on how much you earn but on how much each individual lender believes you can afford, when taking into account both your lifestyle and expenditure.

Every single lender that we work with (banks, building societies and specialist lenders) will only lend you what they believe you can afford to pay back every month by way of mortgage repayments. Different lenders will assess ‘affordability’ differently – our advisors will help you to work-out what each lender would lend you by accounting for your monthly outgoings against your monthly income. We’ll need evidence of what you earn, so wage slips and any other regular income documents, we’ll then go through your outgoings with you, loans and credit card payments, bills etc. Once we’ve gone through all of this we can work with the lenders to see how much each of them would be prepared to lend you.

What do I do next?

Please make an appointment and we’ll go through everything with you – we’ll work out what you can borrow and what your monthly repayments will be based on the deposit that you have. We’ll give you our very best advice and help you to decide whether to go ahead with the deposit that you have or wait and save more.

What Our Customers Say

A thoroughly professional service. Matt knew the market well in respect to our needs. Would thoroughly recommend.

We were really happy with the assistance Matthew gave us. He explained everything thoroughly and made the process as stress free as possible.

My advisor went above and beyond my expectations, leaving me feeling supported. Especially important as a first time buyer. He responded to my questions promptly and where required dealt with external agencies. Superb. Thank you

Telephone and Online Meetings.

If you'd like Mortgage Advice to explore some mortgage options, have any questions about your suitability for a mortgage or would like to know how much you could borrow please make an appointment and we'll be happy chat through things with you. All initial mortgage consultations are free and there's absolutely no obligation to proceed. We are currently doing all of our appointments over the telephone or online meetings via Zoom.

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