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Contractor Mortgages

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Contractor Mortgages are something that we have extensive experience in so whether you are on a contract in the IT industry, building trade, engineering, healthcare, marketing or finance we will be able to assist you.

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You may be need advice on fixed term contractor mortgages, zero hours contractor mortgages or a freelancer mortgages. Different lenders will have different criteria for each type of contractor and you’ll be best served by an advisor who can search across the whole of the market to assess the best lender and product for you.

There is no need to navigate the mortgage market yourself when we have specialists who can do this for you fee free.

Mortgage lenders will require evidence of income so your mortgage advisor will need to verify your current contract and any previous ones, they will also need to see your last 3 months bank statements. Your advisor will present your case to the lender, he will send across all of your supporting documentation and may if required speak directly with the mortgage underwriter. In some instances, if you have an accountant, your mortgage advisor may liaise with them directly. He may require your tax year calculations and tax year overviews.

Your advisor will discuss with you either over the telephone or face to face your borrowing requirements and will talk through your options. He may need to speak with the lender directly if your case it outside of specific criteria.

A whole of market mortgage broker can search and compare products across the whole of the market, potentially finding contractor mortgage options that you may not have otherwise found.

We often receive recommendations from accountants representing contractors from across the country.

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