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My Fixed Rate Mortgage Product Expires Soon – Do I Need To Act?

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  • YES – If you’d like to potentially reduce your monthly mortgage repayments.
  • YES – If you don’t want to slip onto a more expensive standard variable interest rate.
  • YES – If you’d like to see if there is a lower interest rate available from another lender.

Fixed Rate Expiring

Wouldn’t it be just great to get the same thing but pay less? It’s called shopping around and you do it with car insurance, with home insurance, with electricity and gas suppliers so why wouldn’t you do it with what is likely to be your largest single monthly expense, your mortgage?

Ask About Mortgages is your local Romsey Mortgage Broker. We are ‘whole of market’ which means we can compare the rates of 1000’s of products across the market on your behalf.

So if your fixed rate mortgage product is due to expire please give us a call so we can compare the market for you and find you a great new deal. Tel 01794 328 365

Your home maybe repossessed if you do not keep up your mortgage repayments.