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Fee Free Mortgage Advice for home-movers faced with delays.

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Home Mover Delays

Home-movers with queries and concerns relating to their mortgages can access fee free advice from Mortgage Advisers Ask About Mortgages.

Home movers not yet in contract

People who have accepted an offer on the property that they are selling and have had an offer accepted on the property they are hoping to buy but aren’t yet contractually obligated are some of the most vulnerable in this situation, said mortgage adviser Matthew Southey. These are the people that make up the very delicate ‘chains’ that we hear about in connection to house sales. As well as the worry that their house sale may now fall through, they are also likely to be facing the very real financial danger of slipping onto a more expensive standard variable interest rate while their house sale is postponed for an unknown period of time.

We are already working with our estate agent partners to identify any of their clients facing this issue but are happy to advise anyone concerned that this delay could mean they are faced with slipping onto a higher interest rate for their mortgage borrowing.

Call now on 023 8017 4847 or email Our advice is fee free and is currently online or over the telephone.