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Moving House and Slipping onto Standard Variable Rate can be financially painful – don’t get caught out.

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Moving house and slipping onto standard variable rate during the transition means people  unnecessarily end-up paying too much for their mortgage borrowing. It’s a common scenario where during the house moving process someone’s existing fixed rate mortgage product expires but their current property isn’t sold and the new one isn’t purchased.

standard variable rate

People end-up paying hundreds of pounds too much as they slip from their fixed rate product onto a standard variable rate simply because they aren’t aware of any options at this transitional stage. Slipping onto Standard Variable rate if only for a few months can cost you hundreds of pounds.

There are options, you don’t need to pay over the odds for your borrowing at this time. If you are in the process of moving house and slipping onto standard variable rate we can review your mortgage arrangements and present you with these options.

How can Ask About Mortgages Help?

Ask About Mortgages is a local Romsey Mortgage Brokerage with a strong background in estate agency. We hate to see people paying unnecessary high interest rates for their borrowing and have identified this house moving period as a time when that can happen.

We are a ‘whole of market’ brokerage and as such are able to compare 1000’s of different mortgage products from banks, building societies and specialist lenders on your behalf.

Your home maybe repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.



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