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Answering questions about mortgages and property

Reducing your monthly expenditure when you remortgage

  Your mortgage repayments are likely to be your largest monthly expense so let's take a look at your mortgage product and see if we can get a better deal to reduce your monthly outgoings. If your mortgage is due for renewal we recommend that you shop around for the best deal - now is a great opportunity to see what the market has to offer you. The chances are that the value of your... Read more

housing ladder

Struggling to get on the housing ladder?

The Bank of England’s speculated rise in interest rates is likely to hit those seeking mortgages with the highest loan to value the hardest. Typically these are first time buyers with the minimum 5 percent deposit. Across the board mortgage rates for this group struggling to get on the housing ladder are the highest and often an enticingly low interest rate is front loaded with lender set-up... Read more

NHS Staff Benefits Mortgage Broker

  We are delighted to be the official NHS staff benefits mortgage broker for Hampshire. Arranging mortgages for NHS staff with no broker fees. Already working with many medical professionals from Southampton General Hospital. NHS Staff can expect to pay absolutely nothing to have their mortgage, life assurance or critical illness policy arranged by Ask About Mortgages. There’s ... Read more

Mortgage Calculation

Just how cost effective is that enticingly low mortgage rate?

It's true - mortgage rates have never been so low and there are some great deals to be had - however don't be enticed into signing up for the lowest rate without taking everything into consideration. When assessing the true cost effectiveness of a mortgage product, it is a common mistake to only take into account the effect that a lower APR % has on the monthly mortgage cost. Remember each ... Read more