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FCA removing barriers to switching.

How To Avoid Home Mover Mortgage Pitfalls

What’s the benefit of a ‘fixed rate’ mortgage product?

Getting a 30 Year Mortgage Aged 40 Plus

Contractor Mortgages

First Time Buyers Hit a 12 Year High

Answering common questions about mortgages and property

Coronavirus Mortgage Questions

In response to the pandemic, the Government has put in place a number of measures to try and keep the economy moving. These have included cutting the Bank of England base rate, mortgage payment holidays and a commitment to pay 80% of salary for employees affected by the pandemic. Here we answer your common questions in relation to your mortgage and the Governments measures. Will the cut... Read more

How To Avoid Home Mover Mortgage Pitfalls

Moving house is an exciting time and more often than not, home movers choose to coincide the time of their move with the time when their mortgage product is due for renewal to avoid paying early repayment charges. All sounds fine so far, we're measuring up, ordering curtains and dreaming about life in our fab new home. The problem comes when the home moving process takes longer than planned. At t... Read more

Mortgage Adviser

What questions will a mortgage adviser ask?

The majority of people seeking mortgage advice want to know how much they can borrow and how much that borrowing will cost them by way of mortgage payments every month. Your mortgage adviser will calculate how much different lenders will allow you to borrow and how much interest you will pay. The amount you are able to borrow is calculated on an affordability calculator where informatio... Read more


What to do when your fixed rate mortgage deal comes to an end. A fixed-rate deal means that the interest rate and your monthly mortgage repayment remains unchanged for an agreed number of years. If the fixed-rate period on your mortgage is about to end, this is when taking professional advice will help you make the right choice for your circumstances. Reviewing your options When a fixed-rate mor... Read more

Fee Free Mortgage Advice for home-movers faced with delays.

Home-movers with queries and concerns relating to their mortgages can access fee free advice from Mortgage Advisers Ask About Mortgages. Home movers not yet in contract People who have accepted an offer on the property that they are selling and have had an offer accepted on the property they are hoping to buy but aren’t yet contractually obligated are some of the most vulnerable in ... Read more

Getting a 30 Year Mortgage Aged 40 Plus

Buyers once constrained by a shorter mortgage term as they approached their mid to late 40’s are now able to take on a mortgage. This is based on earned income, with a term that will take them into their mid 70’s. Late starters, career changers and divorcees in their mid to late 40’s were once restricted by maximum mortgage terms of between 15 and 20 years. Now for those wanting a long term ... Read more