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Answering common questions about mortgages and property

Getting a 30 Year Mortgage Aged 40 Plus

Buyers once constrained by a shorter mortgage term as they approached their mid to late 40’s are now able to take on a mortgage. This is based on earned income, with a term that will take them into their mid 70’s. Late starters, career changers and divorcees in their mid to late 40’s were once restricted by maximum mortgage terms of between 15 and 20 years. Now for those wanting a long term ... Read more

How To Avoid The Home Mover Mortgage Trap

Moving house is an exciting time and more often than not, home movers choose to coincide the time of their move with the time when their mortgage product is due for renewal to avoid paying early repayment charges. All sounds fine so far, we're measuring up, ordering curtains and dreaming about life in our fab new home. The problem comes when the home moving process takes longer than planned. A... Read more

Core reasons for remortgaging…

Remortgaging can help your financial health in many ways. In simple terms, remortgaging involves moving your current mortgage to a new arrangement, arranged either with your existing lender or with a new lender. The core reasons to consider remortgaging are: To not lose money unnecessarily When you took out your current loan, there will have been features that made it competitive ... Read more

Whole of Market Mortgage Advice

Why is it so important to ensure that your mortgage broker is 'whole of market'? As whole of market brokers we are able to use a panel of over 90 lenders - that's high street banks and building societies, plus specialist lenders. We are able to go to the 'whole of the market' to compare 1000's of products on your behalf. A non 'whole of market' broker has a limited panel with as few as 19 lende... Read more

Getting In Shape For Your Mortgage Application

As mortgage advisors it's our job to check you are in good shape to proceed with a mortgage application. This includes ensuring  your credit score will satisfy the lender. We advise all of our clients to share their credit report with us during their initial meeting and discuss with us their credit history. We can then immediately see if there are likely to be any issues with your mortgage applic... Read more