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Buyer Be Ready.

Is your home worth more than you think?

Paying Off A Help to Buy Loan

Managing Mortgage Debt in Retirement.

Answering common questions about mortgages and property

Managing Mortgage Debt in Retirement.

If you are retired and have, or will have an amount left to pay on your mortgage when your product comes to an end, you may be concerned about what to do next. Whilst we are not advocates of Equity Release (where interest is compound) another option is a 'retirement interest-only mortgage', this product allows people to borrow money against their property and repay only the interest due o... Read more

Find out how remortgaging could save you thousands in interest.

Time to switch your mortgage? Your mortgage is likely to be one of your biggest monthly costs and making sure you’re on the most suitable product can make a huge difference to your overall finances. Remortgaging could save you thousands of pounds, without making any lifestyle sacrifices. Essentially, it’s nothing more complicated than switching to a different mortgage deal. Just as... Read more

Five tips for improving your chances of mortgage approval.

Many first-time buyers hope to make this year the year they get on the property ladder, thanks to the increasing availability of 95% mortgages. But while there are higher numbers of suitable mortgages available, there’s no guarantee you’ll be approved. To improve your chances, here are five of our top tips. 1. Register to vote It might not sound like this has much to do with your mortgage, ... Read more


CIS Contractor Mortgages

Construction Industry Contractors are in the fortunate position to not have to rely on their last 1 or 2 years accounts but can often use the income detailed on their last 3 months payslips. There is not a specific CIS Contractor mortgage but some lenders will consider these payslips as evidence of income without the need for the contractor to have to show tax year calculations and tax yea... Read more

What questions will a mortgage adviser ask?

The majority of people seeking mortgage advice want to know how much they can borrow and how much that borrowing will cost them by way of mortgage payments every month. Your mortgage adviser will calculate how much different lenders will allow you to borrow and how much interest you will pay. The amount you are able to borrow is calculated on an affordability calculator where informatio... Read more