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All appointments are currently being conducted over the phone or online, they are fee free and completely non obligatory. Please contact us using the form below or call 01794 328365.

Home Mover Mortgages

A Fee Free Service for Home Movers 

If you are thinking about moving home it’s wise to run through the numbers with a qualified professional. We offer a fee free service which includes advice, planning, mortgage application and liaison with your solicitor and estate agent.

If you are a home-mover facing a delay due to Coronavirus you may be concerned that you are or are about to slip onto standard variable rate. We can help – see here for more details.

New Mortgage Applications.

We are very much still processing new mortgage applications and depending on the size of your deposit and the loan to value these are still relatively straight forward. New products are being released daily so please contact us for updates. We have excellent relationships with estate agents and solicitors and are chasing our clients sales through daily.

Home mover mortgages – a category that covers a whole host of options. So you’re wanting to move house, if you’re buying a bigger and more expensive property then potentially you’ll need to borrow more. How much more can you borrow? How does additional borrowing work with your existing mortgage? How much will the new mortgage cost every month? These are all questions you’re going to want the answers to.

Home Mover Mortgages – Can I transfer my existing mortgage, will I incur penalties?

Our advisors can work with your existing lender to calculate the best option for you – you may be able to transfer your existing product and not incur penalties, alternatively  a new deal with a different lender may work out to be the better option even if a penalty is incurred.

I’m moving house – how much more can I borrow?

How much you can borrow is no longer solely dependent on how much you earn but on how much each individual lender believes you can afford, when taking into account both your lifestyle and expenditure.

Every single lender that we work with (banks, building societies and specialist lenders) will only lend you what they believe you can afford to pay back every month by way of mortgage repayments. Different lenders will assess ‘affordability’ differently – our advisors will help you to work-out what each lender would lend you by accounting for your monthly outgoings against your monthly income. We’ll need evidence of what you earn, so wage slips and any other regular income documents, we’ll then go through your outgoings with you, loans and credit card payments, bills etc. Once we’ve gone through all of this we can work with the lenders to see how much each of them would be prepared to lend you.

What do I do next?

Please make an appointment and we’ll go through everything with you – once we know what your requirements are we can search the whole of the market to get you a great deal. Don’t forget there is no charge for your initial mortgage consultation and absolutely no obligation to proceed.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

What Our Customers Say

Efficient and friendly, the whole process was completely painless.

Help with purchase far exceeded that of mortgage advice/arrangement. Very grateful for all your hard work.

Telephone and Online Meetings.

If you'd like Mortgage Advice to explore some mortgage options, have any questions about your suitability for a mortgage or would like to know how much you could borrow please make an appointment and we'll be happy chat through things with you. All initial mortgage consultations are free and there's absolutely no obligation to proceed. We are currently doing all of our appointments over the telephone or online meetings via Zoom.

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